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Tornado Warnings


Recent changes to Tornado Warnings

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM) is simplifying how it distributes tornado warnings issued by Environment Canada.

Why the changes?

What the changes mean:

  • OFMEM will now send a message indicating tornado warnings have been issued in a region (see list/map of regions below) of Ontario, rather than list specific individual municipalities included in the warnings.
  • All tornado warnings issued by OFMEM will include the affected region, a protective action to take and a link to the Environment Canada weather warnings website/map. An example for SMS would look as follows: “Environment Canada has issued tornado warnings for Central Ontario. Take cover immediately.
  • Tornado warnings will be distributed by OFMEM only via SMS text messaging and email.
  • The OFMEM Twitter account (@ontariowarnings) will no longer tweet tornado warnings.
  • The OFMEM Twitter account (@ontariowarnings) will no longer be used to send tornado warnings but will continue to distribute other types of alert and emergency information.