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Step 3: Be Informed


Step 1: Make a Plan | Step 2: Build A Kit | Step 3: Be Informed

There are two main ways that you can be informed about emergencies: sign up for Ontario’s Emergency Alerts, and learn more about the hazards you can face and how you can be prepared for them.

During an emergency, you should stay tuned to local news channels. Be sure to have a portable, battery-operated or crank radio in your survival kit in case of power outages.

Alert Ready in Ontario

Alert Ready in Ontario is part of a national service designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving emergency alert messages to Canadians.

If your phone is not compatible, you can subscribe to receive emergency alerts by email, SMS texts and social media.

Ontario’s Hazards

Different hazards require a different approach for being prepared and knowing how to protect yourself and your family. Learn more about Ontario’s hazards, so you can better prepare for them and know what to do to protect yourself.

Learn more about Ontario’s hazards

Step 1: Make a Plan | Step 2: Build A Kit | Step 3: Be Informed