Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Ontario's Emergency Management Program


The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and its supporting Ontario Regulation 380/04 set out requirements for the development, implementation and maintenance of municipal and ministry emergency management programs.

The emergency management program elements contained in the Act and regulation constitute a core emergency management program. This means that the program elements are focused on supporting emergency preparedness and response activities. Requirements include the designation of an emergency management coordinator, the writing of an emergency response plan and the formation of a program committee. Ministries and municipalities are required to comply with the Act and regulation. Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) monitors compliance and supports ministries and municipalities in maintaining the required program.

The province is currently working to expand on the resources available to support municipalities and ministries wishing to exceed standards set out in the Act and regulation. This new program will ensure Ontario’s strong emergency management programs continue to evolve and improve in keeping with international standards and recommended practices.